About Area Digital

Area Digital based in Bangkok is an award winning web agency that strives to deliver quality web solutions with an innovative touch. We work with our clients through the entire process of constructing attractive, well functioning, quality websites. All the way from nurturing the initial idea to launching the completed website we are able to facilitate our client’s needs. We take pride in our work and the fact that we challenge our clients to achieve better solutions.

Area Digital key people have more than 20 years of experience working with some of the most innovative companies in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. From these inspiring collaborations we have, since 1996, learned the tricks of the trade and have been perfecting our techniques ever since.

Our Key People

Thordur Adalsteinsson

CEO / Partner

10 years with Area Digital and 20 years of IT Industry Experience.

Background as Creative Director, Branding and Web Designer for Web Agencies in Iceland and Denmark with Icon Medialab, IMG Interactive and Electric Farm.

Kitjar Wang-iad

CTO Senior Technician Leader

7 Years with Area Digital and 10 Years of IT Industry Experience.

Background as Web development in highly custom CMS platforms in open source PHP, Ajax, JS at Expert Level.

Sunisa Sinchai

Senior Frontend Web Developer

2 Years with Area Digital and 6 Years of IT Industry Experience.

Background as Web development in Web Design and Investment agencies, CSS, HTML, Photoshop and Illustrator at Expert Level.

Samang Yuhaprakhon

Office Manager

7 Years at Area Digital

Human Resources, Payroll, Time Reporting, Meeting Schedules, Front Desk Telephone, Office Expense Accounting, Supply and Purchasing.

Working with us

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